News 28 Mar 2022

Craig, Mosiman recount ‘racing’ incident following Seattle

250SX West contenders speak out on the lap three collision.

Image: Octopi Media.

Following 250SX West’s return to action in Seattle, Christian Craig and Michael Mosiman have moved to address that pivotal ‘racing’ moment that ultimately brought the red plate-holder down and hindered both riders’ main events.

Craig launched to the holeshot and was closely trailed by Mosiman for the opening two laps before the TLD Red Bull GasGas rider made his move for the lead on lap three, clipping the number 28 as he passed him on the inside.

Mosiman suffered a bent rear brake rotor from the collision in the impact, causing him to drop to finish third as Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha rider Craig impressively recovered to finish second, within striking distance of race winner Hunter Lawrence (Team Honda HRC).

The incident wasn’t the first time the points-leader has been brought down during a race this season. Craig was notably taken out by Vince Friese at Glendale’s Triple Crown, however, he again handled Seattle’s incident with professionalism post-race.

“Yeah, obviously the red plate, everyone wants that [who] I’m racing,” Craig explained. “It’s part of it… It happens though. I was a little fired up after, but it’s racing – just got to move on from it.

“I was happy I was able to come back from it and put in some good laps and actually challenge for the win at the end. It could have been bad, but I was able to salvage once again.”

Mosiman – who has raced clean for the majority of the 2022 250SX West season – watched the clash soon after the race, also deeming it as a racing incident.

“I went and watched it back and it’s pretty impressive the speeds that people bootleg the race onto YouTube,” Mosiman stated. “I went on there and checked it out – it’s racing. I actually looked back to A2 when we battled and I raced him very, very clean and arguably I think my team and those close to me would say I gave him a little bit too much room where I could have.

“He knew I could have pushed the limit there as well. I remember he said something like, ‘that was awesome, great racing, but I know more aggressive racing is coming.’ That’s really just the general understanding I think that we have.

“Obviously, it’s never fun to be on the other side of that, but, I mean I’m going forward – I’m going for the win. I didn’t come way hard into them, I was really right there on the entrance. It felt like racing to me. Moving forward, moving on.”

Craig enjoys a healthy 26 point buffer in the championship standings as Mosiman now sits third, 30 points from the red plate. The 250SX West championship enters another break before returning to action at Atlanta on 17 April for the first East/West Showdown of the year.