Products 3 Mar 2021

Tested: 2021 Fly Racing Lite gear set

Revolutionary 2021 Fly Racing Lite racewear line reviewed.

Words: Mike Sleeter

Fly Racing has been pushing the envelope when it comes to technology in recent years and this 2021 Fly Racing Lite gear set in our latest Tested article is a direct result of that innovation. With elite riders like Zach Osborne, Justin Brayton and Joey Savatgy, just to name a few, you know that research and development is high on the agenda.

This was my first time in any Fly Racing apparel and I have to say that I was looking forward to putting in some laps with this forward-thinking brand to see if the revolutionary Lite product range itself lives up to the high-profile brand that we see marketed so extensively within the sport. You can read in-depth technical aspects on the 2021 Fly Racing range in this Detailed post.

Beginning with the $149.95 pant, the first thing I noticed when taking them out of my gear-bag was how lightweight they are, which is for good reason since this is the lightest pant ever made at less than a pound! That is staggeringly light.

Image: Anthony Sansotta.

An integral reason that weight is possible is that the Lite pant comes with a BOA Fit System in the front instead of a traditional ratchet and zip. Fly has experience with the BOA and I love the idea, but I was concerned with how well I could get into the pant it without having a zipper opening. That worry disappeared immediately upon getting ready and the four-way stretch made them easy to get into like a pair of high-end workout pants.

I’m a 32-33 waist in clothes, so I was wearing the size 32 pants and I can say that they’re true to fit – I didn’t have to crank down the BOA system or stretch the pant too much to get them on and secure. Once I hit the track, I did notice the pant was sliding down at the rear initially, but the beauty of the BOA system and dial closure is all that I needed to do was crank it down a little more while still on the bike and without having to pull over to make those adjustments. The comfort offers a very premium feel, as the inseam of the pant has a tailored finish.

Image: Anthony Sansotta.

There are a few things that I want to point on the Fly Racing Lite pant. Although it is a high-end option, if I’m at the races or desert all day in my gear, this is the pant I want on because of how well it breathes and, of course, the weight since it feels like you have nothing on. The negative for a rider on a budget would be that the pant could potentially wear sooner than the other pants Fly offers, but either way they’re built for durability in this performance line.

Jersey-wise, it’s hard to reinvent the wheel in this area, so Fly didn’t try to on the Lite jersey at $49.95. The development team has come to market with a breathable, athletic fit, performance-quality jersey that performed well on the track in my experience. I didn’t have any issues with the jersey coming out of my pants with its extended tail or the zero-cuff arm openings being tight on my wrists, so for me, I was more than satisfied.

Image: Supplied.

In addition, I’m extremely picky when it comes to gloves. They’re my first point of contact with the handlebars and controls, so if the gloves bunch up or are too tight, it’s all I think about. Because of that, I want a very minimalist glove, but one that won’t allow my hands to blister. The Lite gloves at $29.95 are generally good, but I do feel they overdid it with the silicone on the fingers and I would like to see a little more stretch on the top panel. In saying that, when it comes to sizing, I would say that these are sized correctly and on spec.

The all-new 2021 Fly Racing Lite gear performs great on the track during an all-day test and, so far, my knee braces haven’t worn through the gear at any point – the pant is definitely the standout for me. I applaud Fly for adopting the BOA technology to this extent, combined with the new stretch, making the pant incredibly lightweight and very simple at a high-level of performance and quality.

Visit the Fly Racing brand’s official website at or stop in at your chosen dealership to learn more. There are four standard colorways as well as the striking special edition that we were supplied for testing purposes.