News 22 Feb 2021

Runner-up McAdoo addresses on-track medic incident

The Kawasaki rider breaks down the opening lap blunder of the 250SX West main.

Image: Octopi Media

Cameron McAdoo (Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki) addressed the on-track incident involving himself and a member of the Alpinestars Medical crew that happened during Saturday night’s Monster Energy Supercross race in Orlando.

During the opening lap of the first 250SX West main event of the season, Alex Martin (Yamaha) hit the ground hard just two corners in. Appearing unconscious, members of the Alpinestars Medical crew took the track to assist him while the race continued on.

As the race leaders came around on lap two, just before the red flag came out, McAdoo attempted to pass between one of the medics and Martin. With nowhere to go, McAdoo hit both the medic and the backside of Martin.

Following the race, McAdoo explained what happened to members of the media in the post-race press conference.

“It was pretty crazy,” said McAdoo. “We started getting red cross flags before we even made it to the triple, so we were all obviously rolling, wheels on the ground. I came in and I just followed Justin [Cooper] into the corner and actually one of the medics, after Justin had went by was trying to get across the track to Alex. When he did that he jumped right into my front wheel.

“My front wheel bounced off of the medic and my peg clipped Alex while he was laying there. I just had nowhere to go, I was rolling into the corner but he just jumped in front of me.”

“That was kind of what happened it was definitely a bummer situation. It’s never good to see guys go out early, I went and checked on him afterward, and hopefully, he can get back out there soon.”

No one was seriously injured in the incident and the race would be eventually red-flagged and restarted. McAdoo went on to finish second on the evening, as the series now takes a break before returning to action at Daytona Motor Speedway in just under two weeks’ time.