Bikes 4 Jun 2024

Detailed: 2025 Kawasaki KX range

New generation KX250 model headlines latest motocross range.

Kawasaki has unveiled its 2025 KX range, featuring an all-new KX250 and the return of the KX450 that has remained unchanged since its latest generation model release for this year.

The 2025 Kawasaki KX250 engine undergoes significant upgrades, including a single shaft counter balancer, a lighter crank, new rod, piston, and head.

The top-end modifications are primarily centred around the redesigned airbox and intake angle, which now positions the intake above the shock tower, mirroring the updates seen in the 2024 KX450 model.

In the 2025 KX250, Showa components continue the trend set by the KX450. However, it features a 48mm Showa front fork instead of the 49mm option found in the KX450, while the shock is the exact same.

The updated frame seamlessly integrates the engine’s newly aligned intake and exhaust ports while maintaining its reputation for agile handling and composed demeanor. Enhanced rigidity balance enhances front-end feedback, resulting in improved cornering performance across diverse conditions.

Featuring its widely praised slender ergonomics, the KX250 boasts redesigned bodywork that enhances the rider interface. The new shrouds, side covers, and rear fender are sturdier and meticulously crafted to prevent any potential snag points with the rider’s boots and knees, facilitating fluid movement.

Similar to the KX450, the KX250 now features smartphone connectivity through the Rideology The App KX application, enabling riders to easily adjust their bike’s fuel and ignition timing.

In addition, and sporting a new graphic for next season, the 2025 Kawasaki KX450 continues to blend advanced technology with a legacy of championship success.

Featuring a powerful 449cc engine, lightweight aluminum frame, premium Showa suspension, ODI lock-on grips, Brembo front brakes, KTRC, riding modes controlled by a handlebar-mounted switch box, and Bluetooth connectivity via Rideology The App KX , the KX450 remains a well-balanced machine.

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