Features 17 Apr 2024

Quotebook: 2024 Supercross Rd13 Foxborough

Riders detail their weekends after the 13th round of the series.

Round 13 of Monster Energy Supercross was a Yamaha sweep in both 250SX and 450SX, but many riders had reasons to be satisfied. Quotebook features compiled comments from riders over the weekend.


Image: Octopi Media.

Cooper Webb (Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing) – First:
Foxborough was amazing! We were able to get a pole position, my second one of the year, which was awesome. I had a great heat race, and the main event was awesome. I was able to pull the holeshot and lead every lap. I made one big mistake that cost me a little bit of the lead that I had and made it a closer finish than I liked. But yeah, it was an unbelievable night to get another win and to be tied for the points lead; it’s an amazing feeling. We’re going to give it all we can in these last four.

Chase Sexton (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) – Second:
It was definitely hard to pass on this track tonight… I got by Jason [Anderson] early and then I was behind Kenny [Roczen] for a while. It took a lot to set that pass up, trying to get an angle [to make the move]. After that, you couldn’t be super-aggressive with how the track was, it was really slippery, so you had to be patient. I saw Cooper [Webb] miss the rut toward the end, so I went to rail the turn and maybe set up a pass, but it didn’t come together. I feel like I had good speed tonight, I was decent in the heat and felt like I rode pretty good in the Main Event with how the track was, so we will keep pushing from here into these final races.

Ken Roczen (Progressive Ecstar Suzuki) – Third:
I had high hopes coming here because the last time I raced here was 2016, I was on Suzuki, and I won. It was a tough track. The obstacles were built super big, and it got really rutted but it also ended up getting very hardpack. They were funky conditions that we haven’t had yet this year. We had a solid heat race and an even better main with a good start. I was behind the leader the whole time and had the third-place rider pressuring me; but I stayed in second for the longest time. Even after the third-place rider passed me I just stayed there with them; I wasn’t just going to let those guys go. I feel like we did well tonight. We ended up on the podium, and I think everybody on the team needed that, and it was an overall good ride.

Jason Anderson (Monster Energy Kawasaki) – Fourth:
This weekend was a huge step forward for me. We made some changes on my KX450SR that were very positive, and I felt great all weekend. This was also a special weekend celebrating my daughter’s first birthday, so I had a special gear and helmet for her this weekend that my team surprised me with. Overall it was a good weekend and I’ll keep making progression to be back on the podium.

Jett Lawrence (Honda HRC) – Fifth:
This was not the end result we were looking for tonight. The bike felt great, and my riding felt awesome—I just couldn’t link it with a start. I got a good jump, just slipped on a harder spot about 20 feet out. Unfortunately, in this class it’s game over without a good start. That’s a shame because I felt like I could be up front this weekend. We’ll move on to next weekend.

Eli Tomac (Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing) – Sixth:
It was a tough main event with an average start and a tip-over that put me back early in the race. We’ll do our best to be mistake-free next week.

Hunter Lawrence (Honda HRC) – Seventh:
It was a bit of a disappointing race, as I wasn’t the best version of myself—good data logging, though. We logged some laps and got some more experience, so that’s a positive. We have some work to do on our starts to just give ourselves a better shot. On to Nashville!

Justin Cooper (Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing) – Eighth:
“I felt really good all day. Then I had a big crash in the heat race that kind of hindered me the rest of the night, but I’m just thankful to walk away bruised and battered and nothing more. It felt like it was shaping up to be a good night for me, but that changed quickly!”

Malcolm Stewart (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna) – 10th:
Foxborough was decent, even though of course the result isn’t where we wanted it to be. The track was definitely pretty gnarly. I went down in the Main Event in the final couple of laps, but at the end of the day, we’ve just gotta keep digging and keep moving forward. I rode hard, made some passes, and there are some positives to take – we’ll get them next weekend! I’ve never raced in Nashville, so I’m excited for that one.

Adam Cianciarulo (Monster Energy Kawasaki) – 15th:
Another weekend down. Since announcing my retirement last week, these last few rounds are really important to me. Despite my ankle injury from St. Louis, I’m determined to finish out this season no matter what. Although the injury is not doing me any favors, I’m just stoked to be out there riding my Kawasaki. Thank you to my team for these last 20 years, let’s finish out these last four rounds strong.

Kyle Chisholm (Twisted Tea Progressive Suzuki) – 17th:
I had a good start in the heat race and felt well, then on the first lap I went long on a jump and hyperextended my ankle. I went to the medics in between the heat and main event, got the ankle taped up and worked on. I just did what I could in the main event. It was a little frustrating, I couldn’t really ride the way I wanted to. My ankle’s pretty sore, but nothing’s broken from the X-rays taken. I’m going to rest it up this week, try to do a little rehab and see if we can get a little bit of riding in, and then just try again in Nashville.

Shane McElrath (Twisted Tea Progressive Suzuki – 21st:
It was a bittersweet day today. In the main I had another good start and ran the pace for quite a while and felt good. I was able to get comfortable up there and I got to battle. I started making some moves towards the end and was moving forward, then I got together with another rider. He jumped into the back of me, and my hand went numb straight away. I couldn’t move my hand very well after that, so it was a pretty scary; I was already committed to the rhythm when that happened. I couldn’t really feel my bars and tried to hold on and get through the race. But there were so many positives to take away tonight. I’ll do what I’ve got to do this week and I’m excited to line up again in Nashville.


Image: Octopi Media.

Haiden Deegan (Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing) – First:
Tonight went pretty well in Foxborough. The heat race wasn’t the greatest. I had the speed and went to pass for the lead, but I stalled it. So I ended up getting fifth, but then the main event was ideal. That was a perfect race. I got the holeshot and just managed it from there and got the win. I’m super grateful and excited for the next round.

Cameron McAdoo (Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki) – Second:
It was a solid weekend with my Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki team. I felt great on my KX 250 all day and we made some changes through the night that I was stoked with. A win is obviously what we hope for, but I’m still stoked to have run a near flawless race and hold onto that points lead. It was my first time in Foxborough, and it was awesome. Now I can’t wait for the East/West Showdown next weekend in Nashville.

Tom Vialle (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) – Third:
I always try to do my best no matter what and I think that finishing third was the best I could do tonight, so we are happy to be on the podium again. Next weekend will be really important and the coming races, too. There are only three rounds to go – it is going to be a good fight to the end, for sure.

Pierce Brown (Troy Lee Designs Red Bull GasGas) – Fourth:
Foxborough was an alright night! I feel like I struggled throughout the day and then I pulled it together in the Main Event. I had a decent start and then rode consistently in fourth, which was all I had tonight. We’ll go back to work next week and then see you guys in Nashville!

Daxton Bennick (Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing) – Seventh:
It was an alright day. I qualified seventh, and the heat race went alright too. I got fourth, but that isn’t going to cut it for the main. You’ve got to be in the top two or three to have a good gate. So that’s what I’m going to do next weekend – try to finish in the top three so that it puts me in a good spot for the main. I rode well. I just need a good start. It was not a bad night but not a great night either – just average.

Nick Romano (Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing) – 11th:
It was not the day we wanted. My speed was flat all day, and I just rode tight. The track was tricky, and you had to be patient with how slick it was, but it was still better than the mud. It wasn’t my night, but we’ll keep working and keep building to finish strong in these last three rounds.

Chance Hymas (Honda HRC) – 12th:
Tonight was very up-and-down for me. Getting my first heat race win shows that I’m moving in the right direction, but I just didn’t execute in the main. I got bumped around off the start, and when you’re that far back, it’s difficult to make the moves you need to. I’ll take the positives from the day and look for a rebound in Nashville.

Preston Boespflug (Toyota Redlands BarX Suzuki) – 13th:
It was another solid race for me. I just need to keep clicking them off and break into the top 10.

Casey Cochran (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna) – 15th:
First pro Supercross race at Foxborough, it was tough. I mean, I had a pretty good day until the Main Event, went down on the first lap, and was basically dead last… I started to click a few laps together, but it’s a whole new experience out there with these guys. Unfortunately, I had a second crash as well, then just did what I could from there. We get another go at it next weekend, so I learned a lot, and we’ll take what we have and continue from here.

Seth Hammaker (Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki) – 22nd:
I started off the weekend strong in qualifying and the heat race and felt really good about the night despite my few falls and mud-bogging moment earlier in the day. I had great starts and felt good until I got sideways in the whoops and went down straight on my shoulder. I didn’t dislocate it, but it felt really sore and weak, so we decided to end the race early to prevent anything worse happening. We have the speed; I just need to stop making these small mistakes. Now we need to get ready for the East/West Showdown!