Features 2 Apr 2024

Input: Supercross Futures podium finishers

Adams, Gibson, and Davies detail their main events in St. Louis.

The third installment of Supercross Futures racing in 2024 took place at St. Louis this past weekend and we saw our first repeat winner on the season in Team Green Kawasaki’s Drew Adams. Adams was able to move around Landon Gibson and Reven Gordon on the third lap of the race and take off with the win from there, while Gibson managed to bring it home second ahead of Anaheim winner Cole Davies in third. All three riders detailed their races in this Input feature.

Images: Octopi Media.

Drew Adams (1st place, Kawasaki):
I didn’t have the best start. From where the bikes went across the track closest to the gate, there was a big hole and my front tire just landed right in there and that kind of messed me up a little bit. I just tried to execute the race pretty good. A lot of the kids the first couple of laps get sketchy so I was just trying to make my way through there as safe as I could. I got up to first and the track was really rutted, really rutted, really soft, so I just tried to stay smooth and not push it over 100% or over 90% and just cruised to the finish.

Landon Gibson (2nd place, Husqvarna):
It was awesome. I’m so stoked. I got off to the holeshot, and man after that to be honest, the first two laps, I was kind of holding my breath. I was a little bit nervous because I’m going to say 90% of my starts are bad. We made that one happen. I grabbed fourth [gear] and I just went in wide open into that corner. I was trying to hold my ground and hold my position. I got passed by Reven Gordon for second and then Drew came around me and after that I finally started to get into my groove and loosen up from those first two laps that I was tense. I just loosened up and started hitting my marks. After the stadium triple in the middle, I turned left, two-three-three-two again and I got past him. And then after that I just kind of held my ground and started just basically clicking laps off until the checkered flag. I brought her around to the checkered flag in second and I’m super stoked.

Image: Octopi Media.

Cole Davies (3rd place, GasGas):
I didn’t get the greatest of starts. I got caught up and I don’t even know where I was. I was back in like 11th or something. It took me like half the race to get comfortable with getting in my flow and trying to go. It’s quite hard to focus when there’s people going left and right in the lanes. I got in my flow, and I got a clear track, and was able to get up to third. That second half of the race I was pretty happy with.