News 5 Feb 2024

Triumph rookie Ferry avoids injury in first-turn impact

Eastern regional newcomer 'physically intact' following early exit.

Image: Octopi Media.

250SX rookie Evan Ferry avoided injury after making impact with the first turn’s outside wall in Detroit, the Triumph Racing newcomer involved in the scary multi-rider pile-up.

Ferry, 19, was signed by Triumph alongside Jalek Swoll for the eastern region and won the LCQ to transfer into the main event, but his night quickly ended soon afterward.

“Thought I’d give everyone a bit of an update, obviously kissed the wall a little bit,” reflected Ferry. “Obviously whacked the noggin a little bit, but we’re alright. We’re physically intact and the head’s feeling a little more clear this morning. Thank you to everybody that reached out, we’ll see you guys at the next round.”

While Ferry is hopeful that he will be fit for Arlington at the end of this month on 24 February, the Triumph Racing team will have the opportunity to build upon Swoll’s inspiring sixth-place result after recovering from the rear of the field – also caught up in the early incident.