Features 1 Feb 2024

Input: 250SX East expectations

Selection of contenders outline thoughts on the 2024 season ahead.

This Saturday will mark the opening round of the 250SX East championship as Monster Energy Supercross heads across the country to Detroit’s Ford Field. A selection of title contenders spoke to us this week about their pre-season and expectations leading into the 2024 season for this Input feature.

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Haiden Deegan (Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing):
I had a crash and sprained my wrist pretty badly, so I took like a week off. I was trying to train low-key, I wasn’t posting much for a while, kind of locked in. I didn’t have my filmer come to the track or anything. But about the last week or so, it’s go time, so I thought we’d get some videos up and get back in the flow of things. But yeah, had a little crash, nothing major. I’ve put a wrist brace on it now for a little more support because it is sore sometimes. But yeah, we’re chilling.

Austin Forkner (Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki):
I’ve been pretty low-key – it’s just been me and Ryno [Hughes] doing our thing. I started training with him during outdoors last year and we’ve just been kind of doing our own thing and just grinding. I feel like this off-season has definitely been one of the more fun off-seasons for whatever reason. We’ve had quality work over quantity work if that makes sense. We’ve been working on certain things, not just doing moto, moto, moto all day every day. But we’ve been doing good quality work that I think is going to help us at the races once the track breaks down and stuff like that. We’ve been working on technique stuff that I think will help too. I have a good group of people around me, from my filmer to my roommate, to my wife now, to obviously Ryno and my off-bike trainer Charles. So I don’t know, I think our bike is also good, we’ve made some solid changes to the bike this year and it’s feeling really good, so I don’t really know. I just want to get in there and mix it up. You just have to see where you are at the first race. Do I have expectations? Yes. But you have to see where you’re at, at the first race. Then you know what you need to work on, very rarely do you go to the first race and check all the boxes. Even if you win races you know you can be better. So, we’ll get through the first races and see how it goes.

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Max Anstie (Fire Power Honda Racing):
It’s been a good rolling kind of thing. We had the World Supercross going on in November, then it hasn’t really stopped. We’ve upgraded a few things with the bike and we’ve got the US race gas back in, which has been quite nice. I’ve had a great time with the training, the team have done a great job. I’m in a good spot. I think East Coast is going to be good. I’m happy with my crew and what’s going to happen this weekend.

Tom Vialle (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing):
I learned a lot last year, for sure. It was tough coming from Europe into our first year of Supercross. I feel like this winter was way better for me, I did all my laps. In 2023 winter I was struggling with the whoops and the the rhythms on the tracks. I just feel like I had a good winter, I changed a lot of things with my training. So, I’m really excited for the new season, I know what to expect. The race is way different from training, so it’s good to have that one year of practising and learning a lot. So yeah, I feel ready and can’t wait to be racing.

Jalek Swoll (Triumph Racing):
With this new platform, I’m going in pretty open-minded. I think I’m in a good spot, I feel comfy and the suspension is good. I’ve been working really hard on that with the suspension guys. I think I’m in a good spot, but we have to go in and get our feet wet and see. Come press day, it’ll be a good telltale on if I feel comfortable, or if we’ve got some things to work on. Everyone is going to say their bike is good coming into the first race, but I actually believe it.

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Cameron McAdoo (Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki):
Not much has changed with my program, just a few personnel changes within the team. Everything has really stayed the same, I’ve got the same mechanic, same trainer, same program. So, that’s nice. I’m a big comfort guy, I like to be comfortable with the people that I’m around and keep my circle fairly tight, so I’ve enjoyed that.

Jeremy Martin (Muc-Off FXR ClubMX Yamaha):
My expectations for 2024 are just to ride hard and have fun. I’ve been doing this for a long time now. I’ve had a rough couple of years with some big injuries, my arm was pretty jacked up and I had some nerve damage, but it’s really started to come around and I’m feeling good. I definitely feel more comfortable, I think this Yamaha has a better chassis and platform. The guys did a really good job here at ClubMX and Jamie with the engine program. Our suspension is a lot better too, I feel like i can push harder and do some things that I used to do, so I’ve had a pretty good off-season and I’m ready to race all the boys, it’s going to be fun.