News 23 Jan 2024

Anderson speaks out following Lawrence drama in San Diego

'Unfollow and silence from the dude everyone is apologizing for.'

Image: Octopi Media.

Former 450SX champion Jason Anderson has spoken out following the post-race drama involving Jett Lawrence in San Diego, which has escalated following an apology initially published on Lawrence’s social media account.

Anderson, 30, took the time to outline the situation this morning, revealing that the 20-year-old rookie had unfollowed him on Instagram and hasn’t approached him directly regarding the incident that both received fines for.

“Okay, so first things first, my man Jett comes at me after he passes me and beat me,” Anderson wrote. “Barks in my face. I bark back. After the race you have his dad, Honda guy came up and apologize. You have his agent call saying sorry saying he will put a post on Jett’s page saying sorry. Employees text me sorry.

“I didn’t take it personal, like a shit happens deal. Like we are cool and it didn’t happen. Not a word from Jett himself. Instead unfollow and silence from the dude everyone is apologizing for. We live in a day where kids throw a fit and stand behind everyone for the media clean up crew. Guys don’t keep it real or take responsibility for themselves.

“I’ll take full credit that I’m a dickhead often, but you bet your ass I’ll consistently be a dickhead to you if I feel that way about you. The King won 72 races and kept it 100 percent real till this day. Jett will be amazing, but he will never be The King. 71 to go.”

The Monster Energy Kawasaki rider won his lone title in 2018 with Husqvarna and has continued to be a factory in Monster Energy Supercross since, including a runner-up effort in 2022 upon joining Kawasaki.