News 5 Jan 2023

Two titles the clear goal for Hunter Lawrence in upcoming season

Honda rider chasing championship glory in Supercross and 250MX.

Image: Supplied.

The objective of Team Honda HRC’s Hunter Lawrence is clear entering the 2023 season, targeting 250SX East and Pro Motocross title success in the quarter-liter category.

Lawrence has been a constant presence at the front of the field across the last two seasons, runner-up in the 250SX West Championship twice and third on two occasions in 250MX.

With four Monster Energy Supercross victories and a 250MX overall win to his credit, Lawrence looks to secure an elusive AMA title in both series this year, his sights firmly set on what is required to achieve such success.

“Jett [Lawrence] set the bar pretty high last year, so there’s just two more steps I’ve got to do, one in supercross and two in outdoors,” Lawrence explained.

“It’s two titles, that is the goal. I know what I need to do in supercross, and obviously outdoors as well. I’ve had someone do it right beside me so I’m pretty familiar with the tools and what you need to do to be able to achieve that. So yeah, just put those two into motion and execute.

Despite a late switch to compete on the West coast last year, each supercross race Lawrence finished in 2022 he was on the podium. A heavy fall at Anaheim three was ultimately costly as he finished just 10 points from champion Christian Craig come season-end. If he can build on that form for 2023, he is sure to be a favourite for the East coast title.

“Yeah it was good [the 2022 supercross season], it was a tough one as there was always the one race that I wish I could always get back,” Lawrence added.

“There were years where we were just dreaming of having a season like that, so it’s something great to build off. Obviously, Jett did great with his title, and I was contending for one as well.

“It’s good, we said we wanted to be on the box every weekend and every race I finished, I was. It was a good year, definitely something to build on.”

Lawrence’s first competitive outing for season 2023 takes place at Houston on 4 February when the 250SX East Championship commences.