News 6 Dec 2022

Pointing out removed from 250SX regional regulations

Latest 250SX East/West guidelines updated ahead of 2023.

Image: Octopi Media.

Riders pointing out of the 250SX regional categories of Monster Energy AMA Supercross will become a thing of the past from 2023, with updated regulations introduced ahead of the new season.

Champions will be able to defend their crown once before being forced up to 450SX and there are further stipulations that will bump winning riders out of the class.

‘If a rider wins the championship in their fourth or more season, that rider will be eligible to compete in the 250SX class the following season only,’ the latest 250SX East/West Championship guidelines state.

‘A rider that wins a second championship will be eligible to participate in the class for a maximum of three years, total regardless of what year they won their second title.’

Also new, for a title defense to be considered a ‘season’, at least five points must be scored. That will eleminate the type of issues that forced Colt Nichols – injured at Anaheim 1 – and Justin Cooper – injured in the pre-season – to the premier class this year.

However, the latest bulletin also suggests that ‘riders who have been advanced to the 450SX class through points or championships won will not be eligible to return to the 250SX class’, which doesn’t allow riders who have previously been promoted to step back down.

A rider may self-advance to the 450SX class at any time provided they are eligible for the 450SX class, as outlined in the AMA Supercross licensing regulations.

The regulations previously read: ‘Effective with the 2007 season points, riders earning at least 135 250SX championship points in a nine-race season, 120 250SX championship points in an eight-race season or 105 250SX Championship points in a seven-race season, in four seasons of 250SX competition will be ineligible for the 250SX class.’