News 21 Oct 2022

SX Global to implement '80 or so' improvements in Australia

Schedule revision among the revisions leading into Melbourne.

Image: Foremost Media.

FIM World Supercross Championship (WSX) rights-holder SX Global will set out to implement ’80 or so’ improvements on the Cardiff season-opener a fortnight ago, leading into tonight’s second and final round in Australia.

SX Global managing director – motorsports Adam Bailey conceded in the pre-event press conference on Friday that there were many aspects that fell short in Wales, however, an upgraded product for Melbourne is expected.

“There was a ton of things in our debrief – I think there were 80 or so negatives and two or three positives,” explained Bailey. “We were really tough on ourselves because that is what we are here to do. We are perfectionists and, no doubt, after this weekend will be the same.

“Overall, for us a positive was the fan reaction [in Cardiff]… they were loud, they were passionate and they loved seeing the riders. That for us was the biggest positive because it proved the concept.”

Bailey went on to outline a selection of the specifics that WSX organizers have noted that require improvements, from the live experience at events to teething problems endured within the international broadcast feed.

“There is room to improve, obviously,” he added. “The live show will be tightened up this weekend, graphic integration, onboard cameras – there is lots and lots of room improve that we acknowledge immediately. I think all of those 80 things will be implemented this weekend.

“Track improvements is always something the riders and teams want to talk about and that we take onboard. I think that was always something coming into this championship that we wanted to pride ourselves on is hearing what the riders think and prioritising their safety and give them a track they are comfortable to race hard on.

“We took a lot of feedback from that, some things we have improved for this weekend – almost all of those things – and same with the scheduling, just a little bit more breathing time in between the races, so riders can be ready to put on the best show.

“I think that is the most important changes we are making, as long as it’s in line with providing the best entertainment, that will always make that decision. Communication is something we will always look to improve on, where we need everyone and when, and we will continue to improve on that. Those are the two main things.”

The schedule in particular has been revised for the WSX Australian Grand Prix at Marvel Stadium, with the SX2 main events to take place following the intermission featuring local hip hop band Bliss n Esso. There will also be additional time in between each of the WSX and SX2 main events throughout tonight’s title-decider.