News 17 Aug 2022

'I think I'm going to get better every moto' - Wilson

Husqvarna rider anticipating improvement after 19-13 result upon return.

Dean Wilson returns at 2022 Unadilla MX national

Image: Octopi Media.

Now on the other side of his first gate drop in the 2022 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, Dean Wilson expects to become more competitive during the season’s concluding trio of rounds.

The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rider landed 23rd in timed qualifying at Unadilla before lining up for his first time since being severely injured by a foot peg in April’s St. Louis Supercross.

Without an ideal first-moto gate pick, he also completed the first lap in 23rd before moving marginally forward and taking the checkered flag in 19th.

Ten positions further ahead after one lap in moto two, Wilson brought the number 15 Husqvarna FC 450 home in 13th to go 19-13 for 16th overall.

“On paper, it wasn’t very good but it was a long time off,” Wilson reasoned. “I think it was five months off total, so it’s great to be back.”

Wilson’s day at Unadilla appeared heavily start-dependent, with his first-lap position in the first moto matching his gate pick and his early position in the second race equalling his finishing spot. Nevertheless, Wilson’s results may point to his ability to hold his position and race forward despite losing time on the bike.

“I really struggled with the track, it was so choppy and I feel like I’m not quite in shape where I should be yet. I got arm-pump really bad in the first moto so I told myself to just get through it and the second race was a little bit better.

“I think I’m going to get better every moto, it’s just tough coming back, especially when all these guys have been racing and they’re in the flow. By the end of the summer, hopefully I’ll be where I should be.”

The Scottish rider will look to crack the top 10 next at Budds Creek — as he has the four times he’s visited the Maryland circuit since 2014 — before closing out the year at Ironman and Fox Raceway.