Features 17 May 2022

Profiled: Chance Hymas

Inaugural SX Futures champion on amateur Supercross initiative.

Team Honda’s Chance Hymas added the 2022 250SX Futures crown to his growing list of impressive amateur accolades, delivering a commanding performance at Salt Lake City to secure the title. Continually on the rise, the 16-year-old features in our latest Profiled piece.

Hymas claimed three race victories and four podiums on route to becoming the inaugural SX Futures champion in Monster Energy Supercross and ranks the achievement right up there with Loretta Lynns success after also notably winning the Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C division in 2020.

“It’s kind of hard to rate, especially to like winning a title at Loretta’s,” Hymas explained. “It’s definitely up there just because you are there in front of everybody, it does feel like a pretty big deal so it’s definitely up there. I feel like it’s like winning a Loretta’s title. For me it’s a pretty big deal!”

With SLC’s SX Futures finals at SLC held on Saturday during the night program, the fans, schedule and intensity provided an atmosphere Hymas relished.

“It’s definitely different, obviously you’re based off a schedule, the only race we get that based off a schedule is Loretta’s so, being there, being on time and even being early so you don’t miss a gate pick or something like that,” Hymas added.

Image: Octopi Media

“It’s just different, it’s just something you have to get used to doing but. At least for us we are lucky enough to get this system and get the experience before, like Ryder [Difrancesco] said some people have to get in there with no experience and it’s honestly pretty gnarly for us just doing Futures. So, for us doing this, I think it’s pretty cool they let us do it.

“I mean you get a little bit of experience at the Monster Cup on Superminis, but even at Atlanta and the other ones it just felt different, especially here with how many people that came to support me. It’s just, you’re hitting the rhythm lanes and you can hear people screaming and yelling, it’s pretty cool, but yeah, it’s just different.”

The SX Futures experience not only gave some of the top emerging talents the chance to race on the same tracks as the Monster Energy Supercross riders, but for Hymas, it allowed him to watch and learn from his pro teammates such as Chase Sexton and the Lawrence brothers.

“Just watching those guys and even just talking to them while they’re doing things throughout the day, honestly, they’re not out there talking to people a lot,” he continued.

Image: Octopi Media

“I mean they take their time and go sign autographs, but they’re taking their time and being by themselves and doing their own things, so it’s just one of those things where I just need my alone time and just do my own thing. Honestly, that’s what I tried doing today, just did my own thing and I feel like it helped me a lot.”

The number 21 was joined on the SLC SX Futures podium by DiFrancesco and Gavin Towers, the trio having raced each other for the majority of their young careers. The respect on track was high between the trio, something he believes can be maintained, at least in the short term.

“I think so for now, we have all raced each other for a long time, at least for now, I mean we have all raced each other for long time, the respect is there, I don’t think any of us has done anything too gnarly to each other. I think for now it’s good,” Hymas said.

Having shown speed and consistency in both supercross and motocross, it’s only a matter of time before Hymas makes the inevitable step to pros. That said, the emerging CRF250R talent will contest the Loretta Lynns Amateur Championship later in the year and is simply someone who loves to race – anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

“I mean, forever I’ve always loved racing my dirt bike, honestly whenever I can race, I try to,” he said. “I mean next weekend I plan on doing an off-road race [laughs]. Really just any time, I love riding, I am going to go ride Monday and keep riding and get ready for Loretta’s. I love the grind, that’s the part I love.”