News 23 Jan 2022

Bogle disqualified, Barcia docked position following clashes

Form of retaliation leads to more severe penalty of Suzuki rider.

Image: Octopi Media.

A pair of clashes in the 450SX main event at San Diego has led to Justin Bogle being disqualified and Justin Barcia being docked a position.

It’s understood that contact from Barcia led to Bogle going down in the early laps directly after the finish-line jump in a battle for P10, before they met again as the latter was being lapped.

In the turn before the whoops while Twisted Tea Suzuki’s Bogle was being put a lap down, he appeared to run wide and bumped TLD Red Bull GasGas rider Barcia, resulting in him going down this time, but stopped short later of saying it was direct retaliation.

“I got cleaned out… pretty hard,” Bogle told PulpMX post-race. “I’m pretty sore after that one, for sure. But what are you gonna do, you know what I mean? Some people are just idiots.”

Still, the penalties applied indicated that AMA race officials deemed the second coming together to be a form of retaliating, scratching Bogle from the results and former points-leader Barcia was dropped from eighth to ninth position.