News 7 Jan 2022

Program for 2022 ‘completely different’ says Musquin

Frenchman enters new season motivated and pressure-free.

Image: Supplied.

Marvin Musquin enters 2022 revitalized by a ‘completely different program’ led by David Vuillemin heading into the Monster Energy Supercross Championship.

Musquin, 32, has experienced success in off-season events in years past, the 2022 pre-season being no different as he was crowned the ‘King of Paris’ when he clean swept the 2021 edition in France.

However, with a multitude of accolades achieved at these one-off events, the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing rider is still chasing an elusive 450SX crown, a revolutionized approach heading into this season potentially the key to achieving such.

“This year is a lot different, my program is completely different, I decided to stay here in California and have DV with me at the practice track,” Musquin detailed, now on a Supercross-only arrangement with KTM riding the all-new 450 SX-F Factory Edition.

“I tried that in the past, in 2019 to have him with me but it didn’t really fit the program with Aldon [Baker], so this year was a lot different and I really wanted to work with him out on the track, and I knew it was going to be different and fun.

“He made me do different tracks on the actual track and like different rhythm sections and working on the whoops and stuff, that’s exactly what I wanted and it worked so I’m excited about it.

“But definitely the expectations, I have no idea but I want to do good, there’s so many good guys and I like it like this. There’s actually no pressure but I’m glad to be here with Red Bull KTM and we will see how it goes Saturday. It’s definitely a new program that brings motivation and more fun and more freedom going into the championship.”

Musquin started and finished the 2021 450SX championship strongly – a podium at Houston’s opener and a victory at round 16 at Salt Lake City – but suffered in the mid-season, crashing in the heat race at Arlington 1, forced to miss Arlington 2 before a tweaked wrist hampered his return at Arlington 3.

The is no doubting Musquin’s speed, and if the fresh program is the key to unlocking consistently throughout the season then he could be a real threat for the 450SX title when the 2022 Monster Energy Supercross championship kicks off this Saturday in Anaheim, CA.