News 5 Jan 2022

Anderson’s ‘results will have to speak for themselves’ this year

New Kawasaki rider continues to adapt to new team and equipment.

Image: Supplied.

Monster Energy Kawasaki signing Jason Anderson has stated that his ‘results will have to speak for themselves’ in 2022 after joining new team.

Anderson claimed the 450SX title in 2018, however, has since experienced a mixed run in Supercross at Rockstar Energy Husqvarna.

The 28-year-old has been questioned over his commitment at times and, while still acknowledging he isn’t at strict as some, he intends on letting his actions do the talking aboard the factory KX450.

“I guess the results will have to speak for themselves, but to be at a top-level like we are you have to be able to work hard somewhat… for me I feel I like to work hard and sometimes play harder, but it is what it is,” he stated. “I enjoy myself and will just keep it going, keep it rolling.

“For me, I was off the whole summer with injury, so I didn’t ride for like three months or so, so getting back on a motorcycle and riding a bike was kind of weird to me at first.

“Switching from the steel frame, I’ve been on that thing since the end of 2013, that’s a long time to be on a steel frame, and it took me a little bit to get used to it, power, everything, but I feel right now we are in a good spot.

“We’ve been making good progress and I’m excited. I’m excited to just see where I stand and put in a good effort and just try to progress every weekend.”

Anderson will make his formal Monster Energy Kawasaki debut this Saturday as the 2022 Monster Energy Supercross Championship commences in Anaheim, CA.