Products 2 Dec 2021

Tested: 2021 Troy Lee Designs SE4 Composite helmet

High quality TLD helmet with MIPS put through its paces.

Words: Caleb Tennant

Visually sharp from the outside and immensely protective boasting MIPs within, the 2021 Troy Lee Designs SE4 Composite helmet upholds TLD’s renowned high standard when it comes to both style and, most importantly, safety.

Upon receiving the Eyeball black/silver SE4 Composite helmet to test, the striking graphics immediately stood out as did the shape and overall look of the helmet, in a good way! It suited the Yamaha YZ range we were on recently and the TLD SE Pro gear set I was wearing nicely.

When riding, the helmet definitely felt light – one of the lighter ones I’ve worn – and was solid on my head weighing at 1425 grams. There was no cheap or plastic-like feel, so the SE4 Composite lived up to what you would expect from a higher-end helmet in this regard.

Image: Anthony Sansotta.

I usually am a medium in most helmets and the SE4 Composite stayed true to that, fitting my head perfectly where nothing was squeezing to my face, at the same time it didn’t move around from any forces while riding.

The airflow through the helmet felt great on the bike thanks to its 20 intake ports and 12 exhaust ports and at no point did I feel it was difficult to breath or overly hot in the conditions while riding.

The SE4 Composite helmet is definitely up to safety standards that I would be comfortable running at the highest level. With MIPS brain protection system fitted internally, it certainly inspired confidence knowing extra protection was there to help mitigate rotational forces upon any potential impact.

When it comes to the anatomical-3D contoured cheek pads, I do feel they were a bit rough when putting the helmet on, however, once I was riding it didn’t really cause an issue. The cheek pads also come with an emergency release system for EMS responders and all the pads inside the helmet do easily come out to be able to wash the pads between each day of riding.

Overall, I really enjoyed using the SE4 Composite helmet and definitely feel it is one of the higher-end helmets that I would be comfortable running while racing at any level, available at a competitive price-point. For further information on the extensive TLD moto range, visit the official website of Troy Lee Designs at