News 18 Nov 2021

KTM introduces new North America group headquarters

Celebrated with an exclusive event at the site in Murrieta.

Image: Supplied.

KTM North America’s new group headquarters was introduced this week in an exclusive event at the site in Murrieta, becoming the all-new base of KTM, Husqvarna Motorcycles and GasGas.

The $50-million project of 150,000 square feet include amenities for over 300 world-class employees and the three-building campus is set to include corporate offices, state-of-the-art technical and warehouse spaces, plus the company’s racing departments.

Additionally, the very first brick laying ceremony was conducted by KTM’s global and North America board of directors, marking a significant moment as KTM AG CEO Stefan Pierer was in attendance.

“It’s a very exciting and emotional day for me,” Pierer said. “Exactly 30 years ago, I started on a very small scale in the US with a total of 12 people and now we are by far the biggest European motorcycle producer and we are employing 5000 people.

“The key success factor behind it, I can tell you, is racing. Racing is basically the driving force that we created throughout the 30 years and it brings us to this – the biggest single investment I ever did – with a $50 million dollar project here in the US. It’s also a new target for everybody and it’s really a great moment. Now, let’s look ahead and let’s set up new targets for the future.”

John Hinz, KTM North America CEO, added: “Our group of brands have an incredibly storied history here in the US and in North America, and we are honored to carry this legacy forward into the next generation. This celebration marks another incredible milestone in our history with this new campus, which is an incredible tool for us to deliver our service to our dealers as they truly are the lifeblood of our company.

“To commit to an investment like this requires bravery and I want to thank Mr. Pierer and the board of directors for their continued commitment to the business here in the US and in North America. Our goal is to grow the sport of motorcycling and the sport of bicycling, and these new buildings are going to be an incredible asset to continue delivering that service to our dealers across America.”