News 3 Aug 2021

Ryder Schnowske Memorial Fund Scholarship winners announced

MX Sports press release:

MX Sports along with the Ryder Schnowske Memorial Fund are excited to announce the 2021 Memorial Scholarship winner, Cameron Campbell from Coal Valley, Illinois. However, this year the Schnowske family couldn’t decide one rider, there were two that stood out to them. Therefore, the second person being awarded a $632 scholarship will be Patrick Murphy from Clinton, Iowa.

Cameron was chosen for the scholarship award after battling in the 450 B Limited class in the Mideast Region, which was Ryder’s class and region. Cameron finished out the race in fourth place, where Ryder was running back in 2019. It just so happened to be that Cameron was also one of Ryder’s best friends. Divine intervention at its finest, as Cameron continues to honor Ryder by hashtagging his posts with #ride4ryder.

After not being able to sleep the night before calling MX Sports back with the winner announcement, Ryder’s mother, Deyonne Schnowske knew she had to recognize the other rider. Patrick Murphy went to CrossFit training with Ryder on many different occasions and was a very good friend to Ryder. Patrick qualified in the 250 B class.

The Schnowske family stated that both Cameron and Patrick would do anything to help other riders and push them to be their absolute best. The boys and their families have been great friends, and they fully believe this is a sign from Ryder as Cameron and Patrick finished in the positions that the family was looking to award.

Deyonne stated, “God continues to shine bright upon us! I, amongst my family, am so very honored & blessed to give them the Ryder Schnowske 632 award! Congratulations! These boys deserve it!”

Ryder Schnowske was born in Cambridge, Illinois and began racing at four years old. Ryder loved riding and his goal was to become a professional racer. Tragically Ryder passed away on June 22, 2019, while attempting to qualify for the AMA Amateur National at the Baja Acres Regional Championship, Ryder was 15 years old.

The Ryder Schnowske Memorial Fund was set up in his honor, thus incorporating the scholarship awarding $632 to a rider for the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship.

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