Features 17 Jul 2021

Racefeed: 2021 Pro Motocross Rd6 Spring Creek

Direct updates from round six of the season in Millville.

Follow the sixth round of the 2021 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship with direct updates from Spring Creek in Millville via Racefeed.

Image: Octopi Media.

450 qualifying:
In the closing stages of the final session it was Ken Roczen (Team Honda HRC) grabbing the fastest lap of the day with a 2:07.124s lap ahead of teammate Chase Sexton just a half-second back, with Adam Cianciarulo (Monster Energy Kawasaki) rounded out the top three. Points leader Dylan Ferrandis (Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha) was the first rider in the 2m08s range in fourth, with moto two winner from last weekend Eli Tomac (Monster Energy Kawasaki) in fifth. Marvin Musquin (Red Bull KTM) had one of his better qualifying efforts of the season in sixth as the first rider in the 2m09s range. Seventh went to Joey Savatgy (Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM) who continues to improve as the season wears on, while Christian Craig (Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha) managed eighth with a 2:10.008s lap. The final two spots in the top 10 went to Cooper Webb (Red Bull KTM) in ninth and Aaron Plessinger (Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha) in 10th.

250 qualifying:
Qualifying in the 250MX class was Justin Cooper (Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha Rider) with his 2:09.099s lap that he logged in the last lap of the second session. Red-plate holder Jett Lawrence (Team Honda HRC) had a strong morning, clocking a heap of laps in the 2m09s range. RJ Hampshire (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna) was third with Michael Mosiman (TLD Red Bull GasGas) fourth. Hometown rider Jeremy Martin (Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha) was the first rider in the 2m11s range rounding out the top five. Jo Shimoda found himself sixth in qualifying ahead of last week’s winner Hunter Lawrence (Team Honda HRC) on the heels of his 1-1 sweep at Southwick. The first rider in the 2m12s range was rookie Max Vohland (Red Bull KTM) in eighth, with the final two spots in the top 10 wentto 250SX East champion Colt Nichols (Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha) and Austin Forkner (Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki).

450 moto one:
The first holeshot of the day went to Justin Barcia with Coty Schock (Honda) just behind with Cianciarulo getting around him quickly. Roczen hit the ground hard in the first turn and was slow to get up, eventually making his way to the Alpinestars medical cart. Out front Barcia led Cianciarulo, Webb, Schock, Craig, Ferrandis, Bogle, Fredrik Noren (Kawasaki), Musquin and Plessinger after one lap. With 20 minutes to go in the moto, Cianciarulo caught Barcia as the duo were four seconds ahead of Webb, with Star Racing trio Craig, Ferrandis and Plessinger not far behind. Craig found his way around Webb shortly thereafter, bringing Ferrandis with him as the points leader began to up the pace. A few corners later, Plessinger also made his way around Webb, shuffling him to sixth. Tomac worked his way into seventh after a rough start that saw him well outside of the top 10. Plessinger began to pressure Ferrandis as the trio charged toward the front, three seconds back from Barcia out front. Craig made a mistake that allowed Ferrandis by. Tomac surged as the clock ticked down to 13 minutes left, catching Plessinger and Craig, lapping over a second faster than anyone else on the track. Plessinger made a mistake allowing Tomac around and he made quick work of Craig. Just then, Cianciarulo began to pressure Barcia at the front with Ferrandis just behind, Cianciarulo hit the ground dropping him to 14th. With seven minutes left, Ferrandis caught Barcia, with Tomac closing, lapping over a second faster than the duo at the front, catching them at the five-minute mark. As Barcia found his way through lapped riders a little better than the chasing Ferrandis and Tomac, giving him a bit of a lead with one minute to go. Ferrandis began to charge hard, making mistakes but catching Barcia in the process with three laps to go. Ferrandis closed in the final lap as Tomac fell behind a bit. Barcia makes a mistake with a few corners left but was not to be denied, taking his first moto win of the season. Ferrandis was second with Tomac third, Craig fourth and Plessinger rounding out the top five. Webb took sixth ahead of Sexton who charged from a first moto crash with Roczen. Musquin, Max Anstie (Twisted Tea HEP Suzuki) and Dean Wilson (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna) rounded out the top 10.

250 moto one:
The holeshot went to Justin Cooper ahead of Mosiman, Vohland, Thrasher and Martin. Vohland crossed the track ahead of Thrasher, they connected sending Thrasher to the ground and out of the moto. After a lap it was Cooper, Vohland, Martin, Jarrett Frye (Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha), Mosiman, Hunter Lawrence, Robertson, Nichols, Hampshire and Pierce Brown (TLD Red Bull GasGas), while Jett Lawrence was buried in 14th after the first lap. Martin made a move on Vohland for second in the second lap, giving Star Yamaha the top two positions early. Mosiman made an aggressive move for third on Vohland a lap later. The battle from fifth to 10th got heated with 20 minutes to go as a dogfight ensued, Jett Lawrence making quick and aggressive work to push his way through to seventh in just a few sections. He made a move a lap later on Nichols for sixth, then catching Hunter Lawrence who was pressuring Vohland for fourth. Out front, Cooper led Martin by over four seconds, with Mosiman just behind in third. Jett put a pass on Hunter as the Honda duo was stuck behind Vohland, with Jett sending it past Vohland in the next corner. As Jett stretched out a four-second gap, Hunter found his way past Vohland a few laps later. Martin closed the gap to Cooper with five minutes to go in the moto, pouring the pressure on as he looked to win a moto at his home race. Martin left the brakes off in the big downhill, passing Cooper around the outside and taking the lead and stretching out a four-second lead with two laps to go. In the end, Martin won by over seven seconds ahead of Cooper, Mosiman, Jett Lawrence, Hunter Lawrence, RJ Hampshire, Nichols, Shimoda, Vohland and Frye rounding out the top 10.

450 moto two:
Barcia grabbed the holeshot ahead of Bogel, Savatgy, Roczen, Webb in the top five. Roczen made quick work of the riders in front of him, eventually passing Barcia for the lead with a big move around the outside. Ferrandis was caught up in a crash and picked his bike up deep in the field, back in 22nd. With 25 minutes to go it was Roczen, Barca, Bogle, Webb, Sexton, Savatgy, Tomac, Craig, Wilson and Noren in the top 10. Sexton and Webb came together off the face of the finish line jump sending Webb to the ground hard and Sexton into fourth place. With 20 minutes to go Ferrandis slid out again, picking the bike up in 13th. Savatgy and Tomac made their way into the top five, with Tomac getting around and into fourth with 16 minutes to go. Bogle was shuffled back at that point to seventh after a mistake. With 15 minutes to go, Barcia began to close on Roczen at the front with Sexton 12 seconds behind the lead duo. Meanwhile, Ferrandis had worked his way into ninth, passing Wilson and setting his sights on Musquin in front. With nine minutes left, Tomac began to close on Sexton in front him for third place. With two to go, Roczen managed the lead at the front, while Ferrandis carved his way into fifth, battling with Savatgy for the position. In the end it was Roczen taking the win over Barcia, Sexton, Tomac and Ferrandis in the top five. Craig took sixth as Savatgy, Musquin, Plessinger and Wilson rounded out the top five.

250 moto two:
Martin grabs the holeshot ahead of Cooper, Forkner, Mosiman, Marchbanks in the top five. Brown worked his way into the top five, passing Marchbanks early on, as Mosiman made his way around Forkner a few corners later. The Lawrence brothers were buried deep in the pack, Jett in 10th and Hunter in 12th after two laps. After five minutes there was absolute carnage collecting Brown, Hampshire, Jett Lawrence, Frye, Robertson. As things settled out, it was Martin at the front from Cooper, Mosiman, Forkner, Nichols, Hunter Lawrence, Carson Mumford, Ty Masterpool (GasGas), Schwartz and Joshua Varize (KTM). With 15 minutes to go, Jett Lawrence had worked his way into eighth as he charged back, while Martin stretched out to a 5.8 second lead over Cooper in second. Mosiman continued to pressure Cooper for second, trying all kinds of lines to make a pass. Mosiman finally made the move on Cooper with 11 minutes to go. Hunter Lawrence caught and passed Nichols for fifth, the duo a lengthy 36 seconds back from Martin at the front and Jett a few seconds back from them. Jett found his way around Nichols with two laps to go to take sixth, and set sail for his brother in front of him. In the end, Martin took the win, going 1-1 for the day, with Mosiman, Cooper, Forkner and Hunter Lawrence rounding out the top five. Sixth was Jett Lawrence, ahead of Nichols, Mumford, Shimoda, and Swoll who rounded out the top 10.