Features 1 Jul 2021

Fast Thoughts: Ty Masterpool

The AEO GasGas rider talks Supercross, High Point, and RedBud.

Fresh off of his first season in Monster Energy Supercross, Ty Masterpool is back to scoring top 10’s in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship with seventh overall at High Point. We called the AEO Powersports GasGas rider to get his take on his supercross season, the privateer GasGas that has him beating factory bikes and his expectations for himself through the rest of 2021 for this Fast Thoughts feature.

Image: Octopi Media.

Rookie supercross season… 

It was pretty good. The biggest thing with Supercross was it was a really big learning curve for me, obviously first time doing it. So bike set up and just getting used to how stiff and rigid everything is. Mainly the focus was getting experience and getting ready for next year. Wasn’t too concerned with results and all that stuff, mainly just wanted to get the experience and a good solid year under my belt, the biggest thing was to not get hurt and come out with good experience.

Changes from the first two rounds to take first top 10 of 2021 at High Point…

Honestly, I’ve kind of been dealing with a lot of stuff. I had a lot of bike malfunctions and actually, my ribs have been popping out a lot so that’s causing me to hyperventilate during the motos, so that’s been pretty gnarly. So yeah, I’ve had that and honestly, I wasn’t even too happy with my riding at High Point, just not really riding like myself and had another rib pop out there, so I’ve just been getting that stuff figured out.

Goals for RedBud after two top 10’s there last year…

I think the biggest thing is just trying to ride like myself. I haven’t really been too happy with the last couple rounds with my riding and stuff. Just haven’t really been riding like myself, kind of putting too much pressure on myself to produce. At the end of the day I think the biggest thing is riding like myself and just having fun and enjoying it.

Image: Octopi Media.

The AEO GasGas… 

It’s good. The people over at AEO are awesome, they’re helping me out so much and I can’t thank them enough. But the bike’s getting better and better each week. With this little break in the schedule, we made a good improvement on the bike, so I’m really excited going into Red Bud with that. Yeah mainly the people over at AEO are awesome and again I can’t thank them enough.

Expectations for the remainder of 2021…

Honestly just to ride like myself, do the best I can do, and just enjoy the process.