Bikes 15 Jun 2021

Detailed: 2022 GasGas MC range

Newly-introduced models the highlight for next year.

GasGas has unveiled the 2022 MC models built specifically for motocross, with the addition of three all-new models in the MC 350F, MC 250, and small wheel MC 85.

After delivering on their plan to bring fresh energy to the MX scene, and with a coveted AMA 450SX race-win via Justin Barcia now under their belt, GasGas has expanded their line of motocross bikes from six to nine models for 2022.

First is the highly-requested, all-new MC 250 two-stroke that delivers everything two-stroke lovers need to race or play. With an engine that boasts tons of torque down low together with ample power up top, with WP XACT Suspension it soaks up bumps and jumps no matter how hard or fast a rider hits them.

Not to be forgotten is its mechanical simplicity and low running costs, the MC 250 is built for two-stroke fans and unbelievably competitive in the hands of serious racers, and is sure to provide an incredible experience.

Another highly-requested model when GasGas was announced last year was a 350. For 2022, they’ve added one, with the MC 350F, which strikes the perfect balance between motor and mobility, for both play-riding or riding to win.

With strong, usable power and nimble handling, it’s a bike designed for fun-filled weekends at the track with your buddies. The bike is super-lightweight and for those who dare to twist the throttle that little bit harder, it’s fearlessly fast too.

On the smaller side of the line, GasGas is giving the next generation of motocross stars a bike that bridges the gap between their MC 65 and MC 85, with a new small wheel MC 85 being the perfect choice for mini racers working their way up the ranks.

With a carefully designed chassis that accommodates its smaller wheels, the bike ensures uncompromised handling and performance and is ready to shred with a simple prod of the kick starter.

Almost all of the offroad range will be available at your local dealership right now, while the MC 250, MC 350F, and small wheel MC 85 will arrive shortly after in October. Availability may differ from country to country, visit for more information.