News 4 Jun 2021

Commemorative Renthal Championship Trophy awarded to Webb

This year's Supercross champion honored by iconic handlebar brand.

Image: Supplied.

Renthal has launched a new tradition of honoring championship triumphs with a custom-made Renthal Championship Trophy, starting with new Monster Energy Supercross champion Cooper Webb.

Webb’s trophy features his Fatbar 821 bend handlebar that has been hand engraved, fitted with his G086 Diamond/Waffle Soft grips, his bar pad from SLC2 and is displayed in a fully-custom hand-made acrylic case.

Each Renthal Championship Trophy awarded moving forward will be fully custom and unique to that rider and their career achievements.

“Racing and winning is very important to us at Renthal as it puts our products to the ultimate
performance and durability test,” explained Renthal off-road manager Paul Perebijnos. “Being successful in racing ensures trust for our customers in the products they purchase for their motorcycles.

“To achieve the high level of product we demand at Renthal, it takes a tremendous amount of work and dedication – winning world and national championships is no different. We wanted to connect on a more personal level with our championship athletes and create something for them to commemorate their substantial career achievement.”

Renthal commercial director Rees Williams added: “We work very closely with the staff at our sponsored race teams to help them with handlebar/grip/sprocket setup to get their riders as comfortable as possible so they can perform at their best.

“A rider’s handlebar setup is highly important and personal. This champ trophy allows us to connect and congratulate these riders, in a personal ‘Renthal way’ as well as honor iconic past Renthal champions to show our appreciation for their commitment and success.”

As part of the championship celebration Renthal will be giving away a Gold Championship Fatbar Bar Pad signed by Cooper Webb.

The contest will be announced on Renthal’s social media accounts, so make sure you’re following @renthal_moto on Instagram, Renthal.Racing on Facebook and @renthal_moto on Twitter to be kept up to date.