News 20 Apr 2021

Atlanta 3 chaos ‘harder’ than Tuesday admits McAdoo

Focusing forward to the series finale in Salt Lake City.

Image: Octopi Media.

After a crash on Tuesday nearly ended his 250SX West title hopes, Cameron McAdoo recovered well enough to compete at the Atlanta 3 Supercross on Saturday, only to face more challenges before the gate even dropped.

What looked to be a competitive pace throughout the afternoon qualifying sessions ended with a huge crash, setting the already wounded rider up for a difficult night of racing.

“I’m disappointed obviously, it’s hard not to be,” McAdoo explained. “I felt like last week I crashed and that was tough to get through, but today was really hard.

“I had a big crash in practice and it really did feel like we’re going to get knocked down nine times but we’ll always get back up 10.”

Down but not out, McAdoo transferred to the main event through the heat race, only to endure multiple crashes en route to a 13th place finish on the night.

“Tonight was tough, three big crashes in the main event and I just did what I could. I’ll always fight to the end and that’s what we’re going to do. I’m proud of my team, proud of myself and we’re gonna keep digging, we’re not going to feel bad for ourselves.”

As the 250SX East series is set to return this weekend in Salt Lake City, McAdoo now has two weeks to recover ahead of the series finale at Salt Lake City 2.