News 8 Apr 2021

Hampshire to return at Pro Motocross opener

Rockstar Husky rider out for remainder of Supercross.

Image: Octopi Media.

RJ Hampshire has shared details on his injuries sustained at the Houston 3 Supercross as he rounds the corner on recovery and looks toward a return for the Pro Motocross opener.

A crash-filled afternoon of qualifying at Houston 3 saw both Hampshire and title contender Austin Forkner sidelined indefinitely and effectively out of the 250SX East championship.

While Forkner suffered a broken collarbone, Hampshire sustained multiple injuries to his hands, which served up a terribly complicated recovery process.

Following the crash, an update showed a list of injuries: perilunate dislocation to his right wrist, a chipped ulna and fractured metacarpal in his left hand, and subsequent surgery to prepare ligaments. After 10-weeks with pins and a cast, Hampshire provided further update via Instagram on Thursday.

“10 weeks in a cast with pins was not ideal or what I expected when the injury first happened,” Hampshire explained. “When I dislocated my wrist at Houston I destroyed the ligaments holding those small bones together which is why I had to have the pins in for so long.

“I had another surgery last week to remove the hardware and started therapy right after. Motion and strength is coming back fast, hoping to get back on the bike in a week or so.”

While he’ll be forced to sit out the rest of the 2021 Supercross season, he’s aiming to return for the opening round of the Pro Motocross Championship at Fox Raceway on 29 May.

“Obviously, I’ll be missing the rest of supercross which is a bummer but looking forward to being ready for round 1 of the Pro Motocross Championship with the Rockstar Husky team. This injury has been a struggle but I’m not one to dwell on it, will be back and better than before.”