News 8 Feb 2021

Disappointed Barcia to move on following Indy 3 incident

The TLD Red Bull GasGas veteran is looking ahead to Orlando now.

Image: Octopi Media

Troy Lee Designs Red Bull GasGas rider Justin Barcia is looking to move on after a disappointing encounter with a lapped rider ended his podium chances at Indianapolis 3.

Barcia was having a solid day at the final race of the year inside Lucas Oil Stadium, finding comfort and solid pace aboard his MC450 throughout qualifying and the heat races.

“The day was going good,” he said following the race. “I had my best qualifying position with fifth and I felt like we got the bike working really well and I felt really comfortable out there.”

In podium contention in the main with Eli Tomac (Monster Energy Kawasaki) in tow, Barcia attempted to lap Vince Friese (MotoConcepts Honda) around the outside over a jump. With nowhere to go as Friese drifted wide, Barcia caught the back of him and hit the ground.

“The Main Event was going good, I was battling for the podium and unfortunately had a lapper come across on me and take me out and that’s pretty much how the night ended.”

He remounted to finish 19th on the night. While he’s been fairly outspoken during incidents in the past, he seems to be taking this one in stride, taking to social media on Sunday with few words on the incident and a positive outlook as the series heads to Orlando this weekend.

“The lap rider situation is what it is, I could rant complain and so on but that wouldn’t change a thing. Everyone knows the rider and it was completely out of my hands unfortunately.”

“Looking forward to Orlando back in my home state and ready to battle for those wins!”