News 26 Jan 2021

Brayton feels strong following round three, Oldenburg motivated to improve

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Muc-Off Honda press release:

Muc-Off Honda in contention following round three of the FIM World Supercross Championship

Justin Brayton kept his championship hopes alive with a tenth in round three of the FIM World Supercross Championship.

“I stand by what I have said from the first round. The first 15 guys are fast and you need a good start to race for podium finishes. Round three proved hard, my starts were a little off and it hurt our overall finish. We have some things to work on between now and round four.” said Brayton.

The first three rounds of the Championship have proven invaluable for the newly formed Muc-Off Honda Team as 2021 is their first foray into the highly contested 450 class.

“We are competitive against the factory teams; our bike will only get better as we make minor adjustments. These last three rounds have provided us with valuable data and I am confident we have a solid foundation we can build on,” added Brayton.

The last time Brayton was inside the top five in points this early in the season was 2014.

“Its easy to be disappointed with a tenth after you’ve just finished in third the race before but you need to put it in perspective. I am three points from fourth and nine points from first and its been six years since I sat inside of the top five this early on in the championship. Its a really positive position to be in. We are competitive and I am confident we will be racing for more podiums,” concluded Brayton.

The teams’ 250cc East Coast rider, Mitchell Oldenburg had a tough round. The Texan local crashed hard in the opening laps of the final and bent his bike which saw him enter the mechanics area to straighten it.

“I am bummed, I had a good opportunity to gain some solid points before round four and the crash has set us back. Nonetheless it happened and there were positives before the crash, I was feeling the strongest I had felt in ages. I need to put this behind me and focus on what’s ahead,” said Oldenburg.

Oldenburg moves back to tenth in the Championship and is eager to work his way back inside the top five.

“I just need to race for podiums, I need to regroup and get back to a level I know I can ride at. The bike is awesome, the team is doing an amazing job and I need to get on with it and ride the way I know how to,” finished Oldenburg.