News 15 Jan 2021

Albek partners with TLD Red Bull GasGas Factory Racing

Gear bag, luggage and backpack collaboration announced entering 2021.

Image: Supplied.

Albek has been announced as an official partner of Troy Lee Designs Red Bull GasGas Factory Racing entering 2021, supplying the team with gear bags, luggage and backpacks as part of the collaboration.

A new brand in the gear bag, luggage and backpack space, Albek has been developed in association with Lusty Industries, the Australian distributor of TLD.

“Johnny [Mclean] and I have been working together in a successful friendship and partnership for over eight years now,” Troy Lee explained. “We are excited to partner with Albek for our team luggage for the 2021 season. Their attention to detail, function and creativity directly aligns our team and the Troy Lee Designs brand – stoked to go racing with them and get some podiums.”

Albek founder Johnny Mclean said it was a dream to be partnered with a factory team in the US and the opportunity to join Troy Lee’s new-look GasGas effort was a natural fit for the brand.

“We are pumped to partner with the TLD Red Bull GasGas factory team,” Mclean said. “It’s always been a dream of ours to be partnered with a US factory racing effort. We know that boundaries are meant to be pushed, that norms are meant to be challenged. Anything we design and create for our family, friends and comrades should be fit for purpose and designed for the lives we lead, right through to the world’s fastest racers.”

With Monster Energy Supercross commencing tomorrow in Houston, the TLD team is ready to go racing with their full range of custom-branded Albek products. Check to learn more on Albek.