News 6 Oct 2020

I need to change how I attack towards the front - Sexton

Added aggression instrumental in 450MX rookie's next step.

Image: Octopi Media.

Standout 450MX newcomer Chase Sexton has identified that he needs to change his attack towards the front of the pack and be more aggressive in order to challenge for a first premier class moto win.

At the Thunder Valley round of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross, the Team Honda HRC rider claimed his best moto finish yet with second in moto one behind training partner Adam Cianciarulo.

Sexton pressed on to finish fifth in moto two despite troubles on the opening lap, which placed him fourth overall for the weekend. Added aggression in making more immediate passes will be key in him taking that next step.

“I think I need to be a little bit more aggressive when I get behind,” Sexton explained. “Like, today for instance, I kind of just rode behind Adam too long and I kind of fell into his pace. I think, for the future, I need to just kind of try and blow by him.

“I know it’s easier said than done, but that’s one thing I need to work on. I just need to change how I attack towards the front. I feel like I’ve made really good passes besides for when I get into second, so I just need to make the pass happen faster and kind of surprise him a little bit.”

It’s been a convincing first 450 Class campaign for the 21-year-old, which he says has been ‘hot and cold’, but otherwise solid. Entering the Fox Raceway finals this weekend, Sexton’s fifth in the standings.

“I feel like it’s been pretty good,” he said. “I would say I’m pretty hot and cold on some races. I’ve been really good in the first motos, but I’ve been kind of slacking off a little bit second moto. I’m going to try and fix that for next weekend, but overall, I feel like I’ve been doing pretty good.

“I’m still obviously chasing a moto win and that’s kind of one of my goals. We’re getting closer and overall I feel like I’ve been riding pretty well, been fast, just haven’t really put together two really solid motos yet. We have another race, we have two more motos, so looking forward to Pala and ending this thing off with a high note.”