Bikes 25 Jun 2020

Detailed: 2021 Husqvarna FC and TC range

Broad list of refinements confirmed for MY21 motocross models.

Husqvarna Motorcycles has announced the launch of its 2021 motocross range, highlighted by a mixture of refinements that will power the brand into next season.

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Featuring the latest technological advancements, all MY21 Husqvarna models ensure uncompromised power to weight, leading ergonomics and aesthetics.

For the new year, Husqvarna Motorcycles has focused on further improving suspension performance and handling by adding new hardware to the WP XACT forks with AER technology including a new mid-valve damping system for increased rider comfort on landings, as well as reducing pressure peaks for consistent damping performance. They also have 10mm shorter fork cartridges and outer tubes.

Additionally, new low-friction linkage seals offer refined suspension response on the WP XACT shock. Engineered to keep ahead of the field, the Husqvarna Motorcycles four-stroke models feature compact and modern engines with internal shaft arrangements at the ideal centre of gravity to notably benefit handling and manoeuvrability. Modern electronics and launch control ensure perfect acceleration.

Accompanying the launch of the 2021 motocross range is the new Husqvarna Motorcycles app, that together with the Connectivity Unit that needs to be mounted on the machine will be available this summer as a technical accessory for MY21 four-stroke models and the current FC 450 Rockstar Edition.

Opening a whole new era of motorcycle performance tuning, the app enables riders to adjust their engine mapping and gives recommendations for the optimum suspension setting. Additionally, it allows for precise customization and personalization, while improving the overall rideability.

Among the list of several adjustment options the highlights are the two main engine modes, Prime and Advanced, which allow riders of all levels to fine-tune their engine’s performance according to their riding requirements and track conditions.

Delivering minimal weight, ease of handling and the highest levels of performance, the Husqvarna Motorcycles TC line-up features the latest two-stroke technology with class-leading power and unrivalled attention-to-detail. Advanced ergonomics and modern bodywork combine to ensure all TC machines offer superior on-track comfort and control in all riding conditions.

The latest motocross line-up features all-new Swedish inspired graphics, giving Husqvarna Motorcycles’ latest TC and FC models a fresh and vibrant, three-colour look. There is also a new seat cover texture that’s been applied for MY21.

Guaranteeing the champions of tomorrow enjoy all the benefits of Husqvarna Motorcycles’ full-sized motocross models, the TC 85, TC 65, TC 50 and EE 5 ensure the highest levels of on-track performance. Prioritising youth-specific ergonomics and user-friendly aesthetics each model inspires confidence, allowing youngsters to focus on their riding while having fun.

The Husqvarna Motorcycles 2021 motocross range will start to be available in Australia and New Zealand from this summer at all authorized Husqvarna Motorcycles dealers. To find out more, visit