News 25 Jun 2020

Pro Motocross organizers suspend 125 All-Star Series

Exhibition category paused in order to meet social distancing policies.

Image: Supplied.

The 125 All-Star Series will be absent from the 2020 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, MX Sports Pro Racing has announced.

Suspending the amateur exhibition series comes as a result of thorough social distancing policies that have been established for implementation this summer.

Those policies have been developed both in accordance with CDC guidelines in addition to working alongside local government and health officials in the counties surrounding each respective venue.

“We understand this news is not something anyone in the racing community wanted to hear and it wasn’t a decision that we came to lightly,” said Tim Cotter, MX Sports Pro Racing event director.

“As we continuously work towards creating a safe environment for an opportunity to welcome fans throughout the 2020 season, we are also actively developing a paddock layout that appropriately addresses social distancing measures that ensure the health and well-being of our athletes, their team members, and their families.

“As a result, there will be a limited occupancy within the paddock, for which we need to prioritize our professional competitors. We want to emphasize that this is a temporary course of action, predicated on proactive measures to address the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

“The addition of the 125 All-Star Series has been a tremendous asset to the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, as fans have had the privilege of basking in the one of a kind sounds emitted from beloved two-stoke motorcycles. We look forward to its return for the 2021 season.”

The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship season is scheduled to commence from 18 July with the Circle K Ironman National in Crawfordsville, Indiana, at Ironman Raceway.