News 26 Jan 2020

Forkner makes up ground in championship standings with second win of the season

Image: Supplied.

Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki press release:

Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Austin Forkner put together an impressive ride inside State Farm Stadium to climb back to the top of the podium for the second time this year. His Triple Crown win (1-1-3) earned him maximum points on the night, pulling within 10 points of the championship leader.

With three gate drops that would determine an overall winner, it was of great importance to get good starts. Forkner took full advantage of this as he found the front right away in Main Event 1 and led wire-to-wire. In Main Event 2, Forkner was with the front pack at the start and once the riders in front made a few mistakes, he was able to pass for the lead and take the win.

In the final main event, Forkner continued his streak of good starts and once he moved into third, put it on cruise control and finished the night with the overall victory.

“I came into the night with last week fully behind me,” said Forkner. “We worked hard this week and knew it was going to be about starts. In the end, I am really happy to not only win, but to start digging myself out of the hole. 10 points is a whole lot better than 22 points. We’ll keep working hard to stay up front and plug away at that lead.”